Cute Summer Fashion and Footwear Ideas to Try This Season. Summer Dresses Anyone?!!

summer dresses, sun dress, floral dress, women's sandals
Summer Fashion

Summer is finally here and it’s time to kick-start those lazy, hazy days with a few summer dresses, floral dresses and a sun dress or two.  Any fresh vibrant colors paired with white, off-white or beige in a summer outfit says ‘Welcome to Summertime’ in style.

Summertime is characterized by warm days, which inspire us to spruce up our wardrobe with refreshing summer clothes like long summer dresses, floral dresses, an adorable sun dress and much more. Nothing inspires us more than bright colors, warm-weather floral dresses as well as a pair of comfortable shoes for women and well-ventilated women’s sandals or flats

From a sun dress to a matching floral dress sweater or solid colored casual jacket all you need to do is add the perfect pair of women’s sandals or ballet flats to present the ‘picture-perfect you’, ready for any occasion. Here are some of the cutest fashion styles to inspire your summertime this season:

Summer dresses

Summer Sandals for Women

Summer is the best time to update your wardrobe with the hottest, trendy and elegant summer outfits for all styles. Sizzle all summer long in the hottest short or long summer dresses of different colors and be on top of your style game. Go bold in bandeau cover-ups or step out in a well-tailored sundress with breezy hemlines and enjoy the effortlessly chic style. Add a pair of distinctive shoes to the mix to pull off a dashing finishing touch. No matter your style, complete your look with a pair of unique hand crocheted cheerful summer sandals from Up On Retail,  bound to spice up your summer holiday with a deep personality theme.


Give a stylish edge to your beach vacation or poolside party with a vibrant on-trend sundress this summer. A fabulous sundress allows you to look forward to clear skies and sunny days with confidence knowing that you have the perfect summer outfit to enjoy the sun. Opt for a colorful long summer dress, a funky sundress with outlandish prints or intense bright colors to style up your warm weather wardrobe. Whether you plan on wearing an elegant sundress for a special occasion or sundress to the beach, don’t forget to add a great pair of

summer dresses, sun dress, floral dresses, sun dress, long summer dresses, women's sandals, sandals for women, women's shoes, shoes for women
Comfortable Shoes for Women

comfortable shoes for women from Up On Retail.

Floral dresses

Floral dresses are back this summer, and this time they are back with a bang! Throw on a floral dress with bright ornate patterns for a relaxed chic look that makes you stand out. Floral print dresses are the perfect outfit to celebrate summer because they’re cute and sexy and are always in style. From vintage-inspired floral dresses to floral dresses with sleeves you’ll be the belle of the ball, especially when you match a pair of ballerina flats with ankle ties to the look!

summer dresses, sun dress, floral dresses, sun dress, long summer dresses, women's sandals, sandals for women, women's shoes, shoes for women
The ultimate ventilated summer shoes for women

1 Pair left in stock of these black with shimmering beige in size 9 (Fit like size 8).

Women’s Sandals

When you step out on the beach with a funky floral sundress and a pair of flip-flops this summer, you can’t help but have a good time. Once comfortably wrapped up around your feet, women’s sandals bring the fun about life.

Sandals offer the perfect comfort and style you crave for during summer. Sandals for women let your feet breathe while you cool off in warm weather. We all love women’s sandals because they’re versatile and pair well with different summer outfits such as a cute floral dress or a flowy sundress.

Up On Retail brings to you a varied selection of exceptional trendy summer footwear made with utmost quality from India. Whether you’re looking for a quick slip on flat or a spicy tie around the ankle these up-to-the-minute styles won’t disappoint in looks or in comfort.

Show off your style sense this summer with a vibrant floral dress, a casual sun dress, a chic long summer dress and a pair of cute summer sandals or airy pair of flats for the ultimate summer fashion experience.

Handmade Women’s Shoes

Find a flattering selection of handmade crochet shoes here and enhance your style and looks this summer.




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