Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Your Kids – Are you prepared for Easter?

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Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Girls & Boys

Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Your Kids – Are you prepared for Easter?

We’ve listed a few excellent ideas of items to help create a treasured Easter Basket for girls and boys this year.

The Arts & Crafts Easter Basket:

Arts and crafts are a superb way for a child to explore and enhance their own creative abilities while using fine motor skills to construct articles and items of various textures and colors.  An arts and crafts themed Easter Basket can be filled full of specialized goodies for any little crafter to produce a masterpiece in his or her own eye. There are hundreds of items that can be included to that extra special arts and crafts themed Easter Basket such as coloring books, crayons, markers, finger paint and paint, paint brushes, popsicles sticks, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, glue, glue sticks and pompons.  And don’t forget the brightly colored construction paper, or even plain white paper and show them how to make and fly a paper airplane.

The Outdoorsy Easter Basket:

With the warmer weather fast approaching, there’s no better themed Easter Basket than a fun outdoor activity good for curing those restless winter blues while soaking up some vitamin D from sunshine and breathing in the fresh outdoor air. Sidewalk chalk, kites, balls, and skipping ropes are always a big hit to include and promote outdoor play! And don’t forget a net and bug box to allow children to catch and study the movement and routine of insects and critters before releasing them back into the wilderness.

The Girly-Girl Easter Basket:

If you have a young girly girl in your family there are some excellent Easter Basket ideas just for her! The easiest things can make her Easter Basket something special such as glittery, sparkly nail polish in her favorite colors. Even lip gloss or flavored Chap Stick can make her smile bigger and brighter on Easter morning. Bubble bath, loofas or a new brush and comb set are always fun gifts to receive for the precious little girl too. A doll, a Barbie or even a plush stuffed bunny rabbit or teddy bear tends to be the icing on the cake for your own special someone’s Easter Basket this year.

The Little Man (Boy) Easter Basket:

Boys will be boys. They love action figures, cars, trains, toy animals and dinosaurs. An Easter Basket full of these items encourages imagination during playtime.  Other great gifts to add to the little guys Easter Basket are baseball and hockey cards which enhances memory and encourages social play when trading with their friends.

Toys for Girls and Boys:

Do boys and girls play differently? Should you be choosing different toys for them? Should an interest in certain toys be discouraged? These are all questions that may cross the mind of any parent, family member, or friend trying to decide how to choose the most appropriate toy from all those available on the market. From our experience as parents, give any child a simple gift such as a ball to bounce or throw even at a young age, and watch their eyes light up and listen for the laughter that is produced from any gift you choose to give.

Happy Easter!

Our Easter in a Basket was put together with the focus on creative and cuddly play rather than sweets for treats.  Each basket includes a coloring set to encourage artistic play,  a paddle ball to promote hand-eye coordination, a light up bouncy ball for fun outdoor play, and a soft snuggly plush bunny rabbit to help a child unwind. Get yours here

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Easter Basket for Boys & Girls


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