Feel Happy! Celebrate the return of the sun, the spring & Toy Filled Easter Baskets

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Easter Basket Full of Toys for Girls and Boys

Baskets have been used for packing and delivering goods since time began and have been an important part of society.  Fruits & Vegetables, handmade wares, home baked goods, sewing & craft materials, candy, and so much more have filled woven, wooden, fabric and plastic carriers with handles to make traveling and storage simple. It only makes sense that Easter Baskets come filled with toys and goodies.  How else would the Easter Bunny be able to juggle all of these fun treats?

Today in many cultures children all over the world wake up Easter morning with excitement

Easter Bunny Rabbit Plush Toy
Easter Bunny Plush Toy

to discover what the spring rabbit has left behind for them. It’s a time to celebrate family, friends, fun, laughter, freshness and new beginnings.

We wish you the sparkle of spring, and the pleasantness of new dawns day after day.

Get your Toy Filled Easter Basket here


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