Grab a stick, chalk the cue, aim and hit the ball. Is that all there is to playing a good game of pool?

game of pool billiards
A Decent Game of Pool Requires More Than You Think.

Many tables have been surrounded by enthusiasts awaiting their shot in the billiards room. But there’s more than just a cue, a ball and a table in the game of pool.

A good game of pool requires:

  • a sturdy pool cue with wrap, shaft diameter, taper, weight & lenght to suit your hand proportions
  • proper form to evenly balance the cue
  • accurate stance so your body doesn’t interfere with your controlled shot
  • chalk on the cue tip to provide friction to prevent the cue from sliding off the ball
  • a perfectly aimed straight relaxed follow through when hitting the ball
Minnesota Fats on Pool: Shotmaking & Game Rules
Minnesota Fats on Pool: Shotmaking & Game Rules

Want to learn more? Check out this vintage 1972 paperback from the pro himself, Minnesota Fats. Learn the ‘How To of Shotmaking and all the Rules of the Game of Pool’ from this legend. Get it here


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