The ‘So Great Health Benefits’ of Drinking Matcha Green Tea!

Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea
Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

For the past few years now we’ve seen the 20 & 30 something’s lined up for their green tea fix.  It wasn’t just a cool trend…well perhaps it started off that way, but they were on to something bigger than cool long before some of us even knew Matcha existed. And boy does it pack a bunch of health benefits in its punch (green tea punch that is, or any other way you like to enjoy it).

Here is what you may not know about Matcha powdered green tea:

  • Matcha powdered green tea has 137 times more antioxidants, or EGCGs, than regularly brewed green tea.
  • Matcha is rich in L-theanine, a rare amino acid that actually promotes a state of relaxation and well-being within your brain’s functionality.
  • It can help you learn and perform better without all the usual negative side effects of caffeine.
  • Drinking matcha can help you burn more calories, while studies show it can also help you burn up to 25% more fat.
  • Matcha is also great for the type of inflammation that occurs when you have allergies or a sinus infection
  • Along with keeping you focused, relaxed, improving your immune system, and increasing your blood flow, matcha helps relieve depression and anxiety.

Taken from FARAH FAHAD’s article – This is What Happens To Your Body When You Start Drinking Matcha – on BYRDIE. Get the full article here

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