Kids use strength of the Hulk to keep their bicycles safe

children riding bicycles
Spring Riding Is Upon Us

Keep your kids safe when riding their bicycles this spring & summer.

With the nice weather upon us, or soon to be children of all ages will be hopping on their bikes to ride to the store, to school, to see friends, and perhaps on their paper route.

Help your kids stay safe by checking over their bicycle before they peel out of the driveway this spring with these tips from Popular Mechanics

Don’t forget to have that yearly safety chat with your kids about riding their trusted 2 wheeled friends:

  1. Ride on the right side of the street
  2. Look before they ride
  3. Make sure they know their hand signals

    Hulk Bicycle Wordlock for children
    Hulk Bicycle Wordlock for children
  4. Make sure they understand traffic signals
  5. Keep a safe distance from vehicles
  6. When riding with their friends ride in single file
  7. Wear reflective and/or white clothing when riding at dusk or dawn
  8. Wear a bicycle helmet
  9. Carry identification & emergency phone numbers
  10. Lock their bike when parking it somewhere – Buy your Wordlock Hulk Bike Lock here


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