Even in this digital age grandma’s handed down recipe need a safe place in our heart and our kitchen

home kitchen recipe storage solution
Grandma's recipes need a place in our hearts and home

Sometimes there’s nothing that even comes close to that cookie, cake or soup recipe that grandma use to make.  This means even those of us that have ditched recipe books after tearing out our favs need a quick and easy place to store our old faithfuls to make meal planning smooth and tasty…a storage solution.

For years our kitchens have had loose recipes stored in folders, tucked away in the front, or back of cookbooks, or used as book markers to hold a place for other recipes we like, part way through those books. We’ve kept them in a drawer, on a bookshelf, on our window sill, on the fridge with a magnet, or tucked in the frame of the kitchen window.  Yes, we’ve been very creative all these years when it comes to keeping our special meal formulas at our fingertips.  Are we truly organized?  Not so much:)

Even today, there’s something about having that hard copy of a recipe in front of us so we find ourselves printing the digital copy of a recipe or even copying it down using a pen and paper.

Hence the need for a storage solution for our recipes in our homes.

My & My Big Ideas Recipe Planner storage solution
My & My Big Ideas Recipe Planner

We found the ‘Me & My Big Ideas Recipe Planner’ to be our recipe storage solution in the kitchen. It allows us to be organized & to reorganize easily (if we choose to do so).


  • Headings: Family Favorites, Main Dishes, Slow-Cooker, Entertaining, Healthy Fare, Quick and Easy, Desserts, and Miscellaneous.
  • Eight dividers and blank recipe sheets
  • Front ‘Ownership’ plate
  • A-Z Cooking Terms
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Measurement Equivalent Chart for US standard measures (no metric)
  • Place-setting diagrams
  • Laminated throughout
  • Extension Pack available for purchase with blank dividers and labels – Get one here

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