3 Must Have Vintage Handbags For That Lady of Class

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Must Have Vintage Hand Bags

3 Must Have Vintage Handbags For That Lady of Class

So, you already look hot and smashing and you’re looking for that awesome bag to complement your amazing look. Well, not to worry, we have got the perfect accessory that will make you look all shades of gorgeous, vintage handbags.

We know there are moments when you don’t want to wear just any kind of bag to that special occasion; that’s why we have come up with three exciting vintage bags for you to choose from.

Not only do these bags tell a story of ‘been around for a long time’, but they are also designed to give you that distinct look that will make you the cynosure of all eyes as you step out.  Below is our collection of vintage handbags, which will give you that wow look you have been longing for:

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Gold Pleated Satin Clutch Purse

Gold Pleated Satin Evening Clutch Hand Bag:

This gold satin vintage handbag is nothing short of awesome. This fabulous looking bag will be an excellent addition to your collection of simply breathtaking female bags.

Unique features

This startling clutch purse has the following features:

  • White Rhinestone Clasp Scroll Design that spells nothing but elegance
  • A yellow-gold satiny lining with a small mirror pocket
  • The front of the bag bears an intricate design made of grey gunmetal, meaning it was designed to withstand corrosion

Want a vintage bag that will give you value for money spent? Then click this link and you won’t be disappointed.

vintage handbag purse
Vintage Accordion Beaded Pouch Purse

Rare Retro Shabby Vintage Handbag:

This vintage handbag will undoubtedly single you out whenever you choose to wear it. If you want to look like royalty, this is the bag for you. The rare retro shabby vintage handbag is going to decorate your wrist while you walk around beaming with confidence.

Unique Features

This fabulous bag has the following features:

  • Made of a white cream bead with a metal accordion
  • Rare to find – true vintage!!
  • Cream crochet threading and strap handle that is lined in ivory satin fabric

This bag is just perfect for all occasions and is guaranteed to give you a chic look. You can get it today by clicking here.

hard sided chrome handled chrome frame vintage leather purse
Vintage Zeca Italian Leather Handbag

Vintage Zeca Leather Handbag:

It is almost as if we saved the best for the last. The Vintage Zeca leather handbag is nothing short of style, class, and perfection. This unique vintage handbag has a sleek design and appearance, and you are bound to be complimented when you wear this awesome bag to any occasion.

Unique Features

This stylish looking bag is worth every penny as any woman who values how she looks will go all out to have this incredible vintage bag amongst her collection of simply beautiful bags. Below is why you should get this bag for yourself:

  • An Italian designer made this vintage bag
  • It has a gold tone metal handle, frame, and clasp

This bag is perfect for special occasions, especially weddings and anniversaries. Get this bag on Etsy here.

Position yourself at the top of the fashion industry by carrying any of these vintage handbags and enjoy compliments as you step out to any occasion.

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