Wine Bottle – Why Wine Bottle Shapes Matter

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Wine Bottles Shapes Matter

Wine bottle shapes vary significantly. From short and squatty to tall and elegant, most wine comes bottled in various shapes and sizes. Discover how wine bottle knowledge can enlighten you, what contents might be, even without reading the label.

Normally, winemakers manufacture wine bottles to reflect the area from where the wine grape hails. The anatomy of a wine bottle is divided into six parts: the finish (where the wine comes out), the neck (cylindrical to hold the neck), the shoulder (where the neck meets the body), the body (widest part of the bottle), the punt (the base) and the label panel (where label is displayed. The punt serves three purposes: to allow better stacking of the bottle, to allow for the one-handed pour and to capture sediments that otherwise would cloud the wine in the glass.

Wine is usually bottled in four basic shapes:

Bordeaux bottle– it has straight sides, tall shoulders and sits high on the table. It is widely popular in the New World for bottling original Bordeaux brands like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and more.

Burgundy bottle– this one has gently sloping shoulders, thick glass, and a wide girth. It has flowing and graceful lines. Burgundy bottles are used for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wine brands.

Mosel and Alsace bottle– the shape of this bottle is thin and tall with very gently sloping shoulders. The wine is always green in color or clear. Mosel and Alsace are used for sweeter styles of a wine such as Riesling.

Champagne bottle– it is similar to Burgundy except that Champagne bottles are thicker and heavier to withstand the high pressure resulting from carbonation of wine. Champagne wine bottles are usually dark green in color. The wine grapes that make Champagne are Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay.

Though winemakers still use the traditional bottle for the region with which the wines are associated, there’s no reason you couldn’t put Champagne in a Bordeaux-style bottle.

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